About Us


Ndependent was created with the sole purpose of supporting the independent businesses that make up the fabric of every community. 

The pet space is no different. Your local, independently owned store has always brought you the best the world has to offer product innovation, education and service.

With over 70 years of experience between the 3 of us working exclusively in, with, and for independent pet specialty stores; we couldn't wait to offer a unique product lineup just for them. 

So if you are a store owner or employee reading this, cheers! This ones for you. If you're a passionate pet lover who just wanted to know what inspired us, we encourage you to visit your neighborhood independent pet store to see all they have to offer and make your purchase through them!

And hey, we get it, lots of you shop online. We do too. That's why we only offer our products online via our website for a little bit more than you'd pay in a store.


Thanks for stopping by,


Rusty, Rob and Jeff