It's Nice to Meet You.

We are a couple guys who have fallen in love with all things independent pet. Like every industry, the best usually aren't the biggest, they are usually the ones most passionate! The pet space is no different. Without the trailblazers willing to educate people and spend the time cultivating unique products, our industry would be stuck in 25# bags in their grocery store. This company is for you, that's Ndependent!

  • Known for his karaoke skills and willingness to be the target of any joke as long as someone is laughing, Jeff has a long history in the Independent Pet industry. Professionally (if that's what we are calling it), Jeff has been in the Independent Pet Industry for over 15 years. From stocking shelves at the local pet store in Seattle out of high school, to driving around in a box truck delivering to the local stores of Las Vegas after getting married, then moving on to covering vast swaths of land for multiple companies along the West Coast and Western Canada, Jeff has done it all in Indy Pet; and plans on staying the course!

  • This guy does it all. When he's not busy helping the reps that work with him at Packer Mellem Sales and the brands they represent, Rob is busy helping out with all things Ndependent. Rob is a road warrior and has visited stores in just about every state and most of Canada. Rob is widely known for always fighting for the Independent Pet Industry and representing brands that share his values. He's also a diehard Green Bay Packers fan. And yes, that's why his other business is named Packer-Mellem and yes, it's weird, but we still love him.

  • With (clears throat, mumbles) years in the Independent pet channel (almost long enough to actually witness dogs eat their natural ancestral diet in the wild) Rusty has seen more change in the last few years, than he saw in the previous score (if you’re not a history buff, that means 20 years).

    Like Jeff and Rob (except you can add their experience together and he's still got more years in the industry), all of Rusty's time has been spent in the service of Independent Pet Specialty. Limiting to some, but he calls it home.

We Play Well with others.


We don't sell to Chewy and put a stop to any Amazon fulfillment.

Sell to Chewy and Amazon, often times fulfilling own products!


We own the company, period. We are committed to the Independent market

Many brands you know and love are now forced to focus solely on the bottom line.


We are busy building a commitment strategy.

Looking to cash out and give up control of the direction of the company.

Let's Do This.

Your customers (both furry and human) are craving something new. Lucky for you, the only more irresistible than our premium snacks is our ISO discount.

We offer our products through distribution or you can order directly from us. First, we just need to get to know you better.

How to Order

  • Pet Food Experts

    They’ve been putting people first for over 33 years. With an unparalleled portfolio of the industry’s top brands and a vast network of over 6,500 independent pet retailers in 39 states across the U.S., they're known for thier best-in-class customer service delivering long-term success for partners and the industry as a whole.

  • Southeast Pet

    At Southeast Pet, they believe that our retailers are in business for themselves but not by themselves. For over 40 years they have worked to help retailers be successful in their businesses by providing great products, outstanding customer service and superior product knowledge.

  • Order Direct

    We prefer that you order through our distributors, but if you're in a market area without distribution coverage we can ship to you directly. Just complete our registration from and we'll be in touch with you soon!